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Merrybet Nigeria review

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What would the experience be with a bookie which has every resource available to you inclusive of an outstanding customer support team? Possibly that is the point you are missing out on here, it should never have been a matter of you just playing blindly.

Mostly your service provider determines how good you can be at creating a margin. Get an edge today at Merrybet platform or even cut through the best margin one can possibly have at 1xbet Nigeria.


Since today we are focusing on the Merrybet website, there is no information about 1x bet covered in detail here. However, you can always feel free to get our 1xbet review, then use our provided links to make sure that all attached rewards come your way. Why do we recommend this company? Yes, the other bookies are doing a good job. Still, one xbet is always one step ahead, so go in there and invest with zero limits, which involve favorable regulations on the punter’s side.

Back to our Merrybet talk now!! The rating and feedback on this bookie vary depending on individual experiences. After all, if a bettor is good at the game and can manage their finances, emotions and have a good routine/strategy, every bookie out there would be right. But on the average punter’s side, we need to focus on what the bookie has to offer in terms of promotions, markets, and ease of transactions.

A typical gambler will have it rough when playing on less robust promo settings; hence the supplementing of their regular wager cash is critical. To understand the bookie settings, it would be wise that you first open Merrybet full site, then navigate through the multiple pages you can see to comprehend these quality standards being talked about.

About Merrybet

Since 2013, this firm has worked tirelessly to make sure that users get the best and has thus established a strong customer loyalty base. Old Merrybet came into Nigeria at a time when the market was less populated.

Therefore their competitiveness was considered quite high. However, with the leading betting sites evolving as well, this bookie was not able to rock as expected. Regardless they have achieved a lot since their services have spread in many other countries within Africa where they serve as alternatives and primary service providers to a multitude of followers.

In performing a background check on the Merrybet old mobile, we find that they have done nothing else other than revamped things to smoothen customer exposures. That is, by improving their system response and performance, including more products (markets, Promotions, payment options, etc.) and technically creating a better version of every feature. Who are the owners of the Merrybet Nigeria brand?

This company is owned by the Merrybet Gold ltd company, which is regulated and licensed by the state government of Lagos. Hence on legitimacy issues, no user should feel threatened at all, and the focus now should be to win as much as possible.

Pros and Cons of Merrybet

The merits and demerits outlined here should act as your gauging criterion when determining whether this firm is better or not better than your current bookie. Of course, if it presents a more stable environment, give it a try; otherwise, it can always remain a second choice and still end up being some reliable income source.

Merrybet pros

  1. Well loaded markets with sports, virtuals, and casinos availing a desirable variety
  2. Plenty of promotional products and features all focused on making sure punters get a higher margin
  3. The support team is always at the customer’s reach
  4. Multiple payment methods for both deposit and payout operations. Players also enjoy fast pay-services
  5. The company’s mobile betting game has always been up the rank since the ages of Merrybet old mobile version
  6. High odds always feature even in live events; this remains a big chance to make your profits seamlessly
  7. Accessibility is never an issue courtesy of their robust systems

Merrybet cons

  1. There are no mobile applications
  2. The Merrybet oldmobile does not have the best of appearances based on latest technological perceptions

Merrybet Betting Markets and Odds Quality

For every bookie you set foot on, the first aspect to consider is the market. Keep in mind that your purpose is to make predictions, bank more money, and that is never the case with firms housing limited markets.

 merrybet markets

Fortunately, Merrybet com covers this aspect very well with thousands of options for customers to follow each day. The markets are grouped based on preferences, and these cover;

Sports market

Being the primary market in the world of online betting, this has to be comprehensively taken care of with many events, and bet types always rolled out.

 merrybet sports

Here are the games;

  1. Soccer
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice hockey
  5. Volleyball
  6. Table tennis
  7. Baseball
  8. Motorsports
  9. Rugby
  10. Cycling
  11. Football
  12. Boxing
  13. MMA
  14. Golf
  15. Cricket
  16. Futsal
  17. Darts
  18. Live markets for all mentioned sports events


This remains a not well-covered opening at merrybet mobile page, but there are enough events involving the most sought casino events. Customers can play in any of these;

  1. Lucky six
  2. Golden race
  3. Table games
  4. Slots
  5. Poker
  6. Video casino games

If you are a diehard casino lover, invest in the highly robust 1xbet casino house; that’s if you are more concerned about the variety aspect.

Virtual games in Merrybet full site

 merrybet virtual

  1. League mode
  2. Basketball
  3. Tennis
  4. Vleague
  5. Vnation cup
  6. Veuro cup
  7. Horse racing
  8. Dog racing
  9. Simulated sports events

In the above markets, we have established that this firm provides high odds mostly, but at times you can find some average values as the firm tries to edge.

However, it doesn’t matter since the players’ winning margin remains intact in Merrybet markets with a possible 5% ROI each time.

Merrybet website and App Usability

For the record, there is no Merrybet mobile app; instead, this company has different versions of its mobile website. The Lite mobile version could be considered to match its app when functionality comparisons are made, but this is the Merrybet old site.

 merrybet app

Therefore, to access the company platforms rely on their desktop site or any version of the mobile sites. The desktop version is currently the primary portal, whereby feature display and coverage are broad, bright and with no navigation issues at all.

However, these two versions host similar features, with the same operational capacities. The only disparity is with the performance and ease of use. Here are all web types one can access from a mobile device;

  1. Smartphone and tablet website
  2. Lite mobile version
  3. PC version

The website usability or rather, the user interface is well designed as their use in real-time settings assures peace of mind.

These are essential online platforms backed with quality technological input, which makes sure that you only worry about your winning and not system failures.

Betting Coverage, Live Betting, amp, and Live Streaming

Here we are having three technical gambling features availed within the bookie, and also critical while implementing your strategy.


This is a category of bets whereby you are meant to win anyway. It doesn’t matter whether the prediction is right or not. Simply, you will get all your money back if the ticket results in nothing.

Experienced bettors tend to look for the amping opportunities and maximize on stakes at merrybet

Live betting

The demand for real-time odds has risen in the recent past as gamers focus more on saving their bankroll whenever the need arises.

 merrybet live

You cannot keep yourself from losing misery if your focus is always on the past head to head outcomes and other factors affecting an event. You might need some real-time information, and that’s where the mobile merrybet live odds come to your rescue.

It is always a chance for punters to make more significant returns after they wait for the opportunist moment to get their tickets booked.

Live streaming

With a live stream, live statistics and live highlights of events, you can probably invest a dime. That’s because you are highly informed of whatever is happening in the field.

Therefore getting to know battle chalk is more comfortable and promising in terms of the Merrybet prediction made.

Merrybet Bonuses

The bonus feature may not be so hyped according to what competing firms provide. Still, this company meets satisfactory standards in its promotional resources.

There are plenty of promotional materials meant to make sure people make real money and also win rewards in return. In the offers section, we are plainly checking on the bookie products that ease a user’s wagering operations. Some of these are;

  1. The live market always contributes to accuracy boosting
  2. Quick bet promotion
  3. Cashout opportunity
  4. Cashback
  5. A forum to interact with experts
  6. Boosted odds in Esports
  7. Accumulator rewards
  8. Fixtures aiding convenient analysis

Payments – Deposits and Withdrawals

Gamers definitely get paid, provided they have no violation issues of the bookie terms and conditions. Therefore, enjoy a smooth transaction processing process with little or no transaction fees in most of their banking channels.

 merrybet deposit

The same deposit methods are used to make withdrawal payments hence this is the list of all the two-way channels;

  1. Paydirect Nigeria deposit
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Globalpay
  4. Webpay
  5. Zenith bank
  6. Quickteller ATM
  7. GT collections
  8. Paystack card
  9. Paystack bank
  10. Paystack agent

Customer service, Security and Reliability

On reliability and security considerations, there shouldn’t be doubts as this company has secured its systems with great technology. Since their establishment in the country, there is no data breach issue ever reported.

Therefore, we can conclude that the bookie is safe and secure. Information considered vital, and delicate by the bookie include;

  1. Your personal data
  2. Financial information
  3. Bet history and other operations

For related support issues, contact merrybet/old mobile using any of these communication mediums;

  1. Call: 017002030
  2. Whatsapp: 08164387525
  3. Live chat


What is the working Mirror link for old merrybet?

Tap get the link, tap here

Is merrybet old customer support good enough?

Yes, the support team always responds accordingly

What is the actual merrybet mobile platform Bonus Code?

There is no code

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