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This firm operates in the entire continent, and now, being an established company within the country, you may need to get details concerning its operations. Accessing your profile shouldn’t ever be an issue, as this is one of the most straightforward tasks every punter encounters.

Merrybet registration and log in serve as the initial steps in one big concept; the concept of online betting. Yes! Of course, there is a lot of money to be won and several gifts for gamers to take home, but the winning process needs some particular skill.

 merrybet registration

Wagering and getting the predictions right is an art, which is never complicated and has never been so easy since the merrybet platform set foot in the country. Considering that users tend to access the gambling products from different devices, all features inclusive of log in are well integrated into various system settings. They actually have a website for almost every device type players may prefer to use.

 merrybet login

Log in merrybet on mobile site, tablet or smartphone, desktop, or using the bookie lite mobile method. Below are the steps applicable in each case;

Merrybet sign in – mobile & smartphone web

  • As you must know by now that you need to go into the firm’s page here
  • Select the first option, which will lead you to the appropriate page.

 merrybet registration mobile

Actually, through the mobile browsers, you will be able to find any version of this company’s systems

  • You should see a profile icon at the top and tap it

 merrybet mobile registration

  • Enter your details in the resulting access form and complete the procedure

 merrybet mobile login

Log in merrybet on Lite Mobile

  • Tap to open the leading merrybet site
  • Choose the lite mobile tab and click it

 merrybet lite mobile login

  • You should see the login button at the top

 merrybet lite mobile registration

  • Please tap this button and proceed to fill in the necessary details
  • Finally, tap “login_button” just clearly visible within the form

Merrybet desktop version login

 merrybet pc mobile login

  1. Open the bookie site
  2. Locate the PC website tab at the bottom and tap
  3. At the top-right position, you should see already availed login fields
  4. Fill in your information and be in a position to access your profile

Join Via the website

Basically, there are two sites for accessing the company services, and that’s one for mobile users and another one taking care of desktop bettors.

 merrybet pc mobile registration

When you login merrybet directly from your PC browser, you won’t be required to choose a version that you feel comfortable interacting with. However, it is possible for you to access the different versions (smartphone and tablet, pc, and the lite version) on a mobile device.

Also, users are allowed to open the entire bookie mobile package by tapping on the “Mobile” icon located at the extreme top right corner of the firm’s .com main domain. Hence their system is superb with such exemplary capabilities that no user should have a hard time coming to terms with.

On the merrybet old mobile registration aspect, we shall focus on the Lite version since it is more like the former system hosted at the company. However, other methods will also be taken into consideration. Instructions on how this should go down are illustrated below.

Register merrybet on desktop

 merrybet pc mobile register

  1. Tap here to find your way into the main bookie site that’s usable over the computer only
  2. At the top, next to the sign-in green button, you ought to find the “register” button and tap it
  3. Filling the information is not as easy as you may imagine; that’s because you have a lot of information to give. Please provide accurate details, especially on the bank, since that’s how you get paid. We have given details on the appropriate merrybet addressing and other relevant information later within this review
  4. Complete by tapping “register.”

Merrybet registration on phone - smartphone and tablet version

 merrybet account

  1. Proceed to the firm’s web here
  2. Choose to use this version
  3. At the top, locate a profile icon and tap it
  4. A login form will result after step 3, just hit the register button
  5. Now fill in all details carefully and submit

Merrybet register on phone- lite version

 merrybet registration on phone

  1. Open the bookie phone web
  2. Go to Lite Mobile
  3. The next pane should have a “sign up” option which you are to tap
  4. Now provide all the details and submit accordingly

Merrybet sign up on mobile site-PC version

 merrybet registration on pc

This sounds like the desktop version, but it is instead a mobile targeted web through which users can enjoy desktop settings and structure.

  1. Begin by opening the mobile site here
  2. Choose the PC option
  3. In the next window, there should be a register option at the top just similar positioning as the desktop web
  4. Tap the icon mentioned above and proceed to enter your information
  5. Now submit your application for verification and fast detail processing

Providing address for merrybet registration

This is a very crucial step you shouldn’t miss or get wrong in. On several occasions, the firm will need your verification of identity, and that bears with it the address information.

Within the populated enrollment pane, make sure the address provided meets this criterion;

  1. Country: Nigeria
  2. City: the city you are in or from
  3. Address: give your current living address
  4. Email: Use the official email ID, and that should coincide with your real identity names

Bank details

Make sure you provide a bank name from the list in the resulting dropdown menu. Additionally, during your verification, bank information plays a vital role. You cannot be paid if you are a different person from what the bank ID states; hence be sincere in this field.

Filling in the registration data

This is the information new users are required to fill for full validation and permit to utilize any of the company resources.

  1. A username
  2. Password and its confirmation
  3. Gender
  4. First and last name
  5. Date of birth
  6. The country which should be Nigeria by default, and city in addition to a specific address within the chosen town
  7. Email and phone number for contacts verification
  8. Bank details

Merrybet register bonus

Although the welcome offer is highly speculated on by different online resources, it is apparent that there is no such thing. They offer no new user rewards or bonuses, but users enjoy quality odds, quality system response and a lot more in rewards


Once you meet the cashback requirements, the bookie refunds 5% of your stake in previous bets, and the amount can be used in subsequent wagers. Note that this only applies if one stake at least N200, and each leg has an odd of 1.5+. The events should be more than 5.


What is the minimum amount that one can deposit and gamble with at merrybet?


What is the maximum amount that one can deposit or bet with at merrybet account?

30,000 Naira

Can a customer sell a wager?


How can customers access his or her wagers?

Visit the bet history window

Are there any problems with payouts?


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